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ASF launched in May. In 5 months we've...

Raised $1,000+ to make care packages for nursing homes in need

Delivered to 8 nursing homes in 4 states, supporting 550+ seniors

Reached 400+ youth worldwide through initiatives

Interviewed and featured 10 artists to amplify youth voices

Built an Instagram following of over 2,o00 people and a team of 50+ artists

Artist: Klara

Artist: Vedika Pipalia

Artist: Haille Hughes




We believe in three fundamental principles which drive us forward:

Leadership | Creativity | Service 

We try to incite change, awareness, and positivity in our communities by organizing:

Galleries | Fundraisers | Events

We advocate for a range of causes which include but are not limited to:

Women's Rights | Climate Change | Minorities | Healthcare Workers | Teen Representation | Politics 

Artist: Arshia Narula

Artist: Murielle Fung

Artist: Neha Marina


ASF wants to inspire, nurture, & lead the next generation of artists and inspire those everywhere to create by example.

We invite ALL artists and include all mediums of art: paintings, photography, music, dance, and more

We interview and feature teen artists to highlight the incredible work they do

We hold art-based fundraisers in order to raise money for various causes and organizations

We host virtual art galleries to advocate for and raise awareness about current issues and rights

We host workshops and seminars for teen artists and those who are interested in artivism and/or pursuing an art career

We are open to collaborating with other organizations in order to further other causes through the arts

"For the sole reason of allowing people to see how incredible the impact of artwork can be. It is one of the only things powerful enough to unite entire communities, countries, and those around the world. Art speaks to our soul and has the ability to express things we can’t even imagine."

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