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Meet Our Team

ASF has a diverse team consisting of over 50+ talented youth. Members of our six core teams and art ambassador team come from 11 US states and 8 countries.

Our Founder

Trisha Beher

trisha pfp.JPG

ASF launched in May 2020. So far we've...


20,000+ artists, allies, and activists in communities around the world through projects, engagements, partnerships, collaboration, and community


A social media following of over 5,000+ people across our platforms and an international team of passionate youth from 8+ countries


The voices of 300+ artivists through our feature program, Artivize podcast, Instagram Live Series, Discord art community, and art initiatives


Several social-impact based projects ex. a national  initiative supporting 550+ seniors, an 80-page FeminArt Magazine, Mental Health Gallery, and more

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