Meet Our Team!

ASF has a diverse team consisting of over 50+ talented youth. Members of our six core teams and art ambassador team come from 11 US states and 8 countries.

Our Founder

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Trisha Beher

Trisha Beher is a 17 year old artist, writer, and activist. She founded ASF in order to help make a positive impact on her community and allow teens to glean important life-skills through the arts.


Our Board

Our Job: The ASF board oversees project creation and execution.

Kiko Yoshihira
VP of Promotions

Kiko Yoshihira is a rising junior from West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South in New Jersey. She feels that it is important for youth to collaborate to fight inequality, and is interested in connecting with other youth activists around the world. She is passionate about teaching kids through her organization Project Engage NJ. Kiko also enjoys playing the piano, writing, and drawing in her free time.


Oumsri Priya,
VP of Logistics

Oumsri is a rising junior at Redmond High School. She has been in touch with art for the last ten years! She has explored various mediums and techniques, even a traditional folk art known as Madhubani. With this prolonging passion in visual arts, she is very ardent to be part of ASFY and create awareness in her community. In the years to come, she is interested in pursuing a career in biomedical engineering


Sriya Putta,
VP of Marketing

Sriya Putta is a rising junior at Centennial Highschool located in Texas. She is very passionate about art and community service. She aims to make a positive impact on our world, and in her free time she enjoys art and dance!

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Podcast Team

Our Job: The podcast team produces engaging and informative podcasts for the fellow art community.

Shrika Guda

Shrika Guda,
Podcast Manager

Shrika is a rising junior at Liberty High School and is passionate about literature, drawing, and public speech. She is an avid artist who enjoys learning about art history and various styles. Shrika is interested in pursuing law and government in the future and she's excited to learn more about curating while spreading youth art through ASF's projects and ensuring that everyone, artist and art appreciate alike, connects to the pieces and their stories.

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Podcast Manager

Fizza is a junior in high school from Pakistan. She loves to read and write. She also enjoys binge-watching and vibing to her favorite songs. 


Graphic Design Team

Our Job: The Graphic Design team works on creating ASF-related graphics, flyers, and artwork that is then used on our various platforms.

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Kristine Yang,
Feature Graphic Designer

Kristine Yang loves drawing and dancing. She hopes that in the future she will be able to make an impact through the things she loves!


Selena Cao, Graphic Design Manager

Selena Cao is an ASF Youth graphic design manager, and a rising senior at Palo Alto High School. She aspires to make a difference for environmental awareness and justice, gender and racial equality, and seeks opportunities for change in her community. She loves reading, doing watercolor, playing games with her friends, and taking care of her succulents.


Hannah Sun,
Graphic Design Manager 

Hannah is a rising senior from China and currently lives in Singapore. She is passionate about art and enjoys connecting with young artists around the world. Whenever she is not binge watching YouTube, Hannah loves to paint, study architecture, and read.

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Graphic Design Manager 

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Sydney Lai, 
Team Lead

Sydney Lai is an ASF Youth Graphic Design Lead, a rising junior at Lakeside High School, and a huge jasmine tea fan. She's a passionate advocate for women's, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ rights, actively seeking change in her community. When she isn't painting or writing, Sydney loves reading, listening to music, and playing Animal Crossing.

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Aneri ,
Graphic Design Manager

Aneri is passionate about art, film, fashion, and literature and she loves reading books. She's the kind of person whom you'd find in the art store fussing over the right shade of blue and yellow, and in the stranger in the YA section of a bookstore recommending you books.


The Platforms Team

Our Job: The platforms team maintains and designs the ASF website with the org's latest projects and updates.


Caitlyn Kantaparn,
Website Manager

Caitlyn Kantaparn is a rising senior in high school from Virginia. She is passionate about using her art to bring social, environmental, and mental health issues to light. In her free time she likes working out or doing digital or traditional art.

sanyukta bio.jpeg

Sanyukta Bhadlikar,
Website Manager

Sanyukta Bhadlikar is a high school junior from Texas. She enjoys dancing, painting, and biking! In the future, Sanyukta strives to make a positive impact in her community through volunteering and creative expression. 

The Outreach Team

Our Job: The outreach team handles the ASF social media and coordinates with teen artists who participate in ASF programs.


Kaira Balcos,
Outreach Manager

Kaira is an incoming junior from Manila, studying at Philippine Science High School Main Campus. She is an active student leader and journalist, passionate about using her voice to make an impact. In her spare time she also loves to dance, play music and paint.

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Outreach Manager

Mona is a singer-songwriter, writer, and artist. She is an active participant in educating and informing herself and others on social issues. She believes that there are two sides to history and she wants to be on the right one.


The Feature Team

Our Job: The feature team interviews and highlights the stories and work of teen creators.


Christine Latif,
Team Lead

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Madiha Asna, Feature Manager

Madiha is a high school student studying at Father Micheal McGivney Catholic Academy in Ontario, Canada. She absolutely adores singing and participating in Choirs, auditions, and a variety of contests! She also loves to express her feelings of happiness through mediums such as art :)

Christine is a rising senior from Los Angeles, California. She is very passionate about art and activism and wants to be a part of the generation that makes a change in our world. During her free time, Christine loves to write poetry, watch romantic comedies, and read dystopian novels.