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Apply to join the ASF youth core team!


Our application is open nationally and internationally for people of ages 13-19. Though an artistic background would be helpful, it not required in order to be a member of our team. We are looking for teens who are passionate about leadership, creativity, and service. Our application closes on June 15th, at 12:00 p.m. PST. We will be back in touch in around a week or so after applications close. Once our team members are selected, we will release board of directors (executive board) applications to members interested in holding a more substantial leadership position such as Vice President, Director of finance, Director of operations, etc. We will also be opening our ASF youth ambassador program to those who are not on our team, but still want to be a part of ASF. If you are not chosen as a core team member, you are still eligible to and we encourage you to become an ASF ambassador!


As a team member, you will have the opportunity to meet and connect with people who are passionate about similar things and wish to make a positive impact on their community. You will be able to see your ideas being implemented and will be able to collaboratively inspire other artists to advocate and incite change through artwork. This is an amazing opportunity to glean leadership skills and develop your creativity and ability to work with others.

Feel free to direct any questions to

We are looking forward to reading your applications!


Collaborate with other talented teens to leave a lasting impact on your community!


See your ideas in action! ASF listens to your voices and creates programs to benefit everyone we work with.


Cultivate your passion for leadership, creativity, and service, and contribute to making a positive difference in others' lives.

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