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Abstract Shapes


We are accepting applications from high school to college students nationally and internationally.

Join the Art Shine Foundation core team! We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to conducting activism and community service through artwork. 


As an ASF team member, you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and make a positive difference in your community while also earning volunteer hours. All applications are due on June 15th by midnight.

ASF is looking for high school to college students who are passionate about leadership, service, and creativity. The time commitment will be 1-2 hours per week for core team managers, 2-3 hours for team leads, and 2-4 hours for VPs. We are incredibly excited to get to know you!


Chapter Director

Our Chapter VP will be in charge of starting, expanding, and providing guidance to ASF chapters. They will be coordinating chapter events, growth, and giving chapter leads guidance on how to start, run, and expand their local chapters. We are looking for someone with extremely strong leadership and time-management skills who has prior experience working with and leading a team.

Chief Marketing Officer

Our Partnerships and Promotions VP will work on securing pro bono, nonprofit, NGO,  and company partnerships which can help fund ASF initiatives and provide us with resources to expand our organization. Additionally, they will look for promotion opportunities which can bring more traffic to our organization, spread our mission further, and positively impact even more communities. We are looking for someone who has prior experience with cross-organizational leadership and marketing.

IT Managers

Our IT team will be responsible for handling the ASF website design, updated, and SEO optimization, ASF Discord automation, and everything else tech-related. Applicants should have a strong grasp of technical skills so that they can ensure everything works smoothly. IT managers will be working on expanding the reach of our website and will be updating web content after ASF events. You will be working on our website design, function, and accessibility. We are looking for applicants with a strong technical background for this position.

Graphic Design Managers

Our graphic design team will be creating all the graphics, flyers, and artwork that will go up on our social media accounts and website. Applicants should have good organizational skills, access to design software, and be able to work with different programs to create logos, designs, and color schemes for ASF. Though there is not a set amount, you will be making around 1 to 2 visuals a week, which we will consequently be posting on our Instagram and website. You will also have the opportunity to post your artwork on our website and create various designs for ASF. We are looking for applicants with a background in visual or digital arts for this team.

Podcast Managers

Our podcast team will be responsible for finding interviewees, editing and ensuring high-quality audio, expanding our podcast through conducting outreach and marketing, and reaching larger audiences through our various podcast outlets. We are looking for applicants with a background in media and marketing for this position.

Art Ambassador Coordinator

Our art ambassador coordinator will be focused on expanding our art ambassador team, onboarding art ambassadors, and managing the art ambassador team. We are looking for applicants with strong team management skills for this position.

Social Media Analyst

Our social media analyst will be working on expanding our Instagram following, researching tools to help us increase our social media following across our accounts, analyzing engagement on posts, and working to increase engagement across our social media accounts. We are looking for applicants who have prior experience expanding or managing a social media account.

Content Creators

Our content creators will be producing art-related information and creation videos for our Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube accounts. We are looking for applicants who are passionate about creating engaging, creative, and artistic content.

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