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Feminart Mag

The Femm Mag is a culmination of powerful youth-created artwork surrounding the theme of feminism which aims to inspire and empower the next generation of females to be leaders and changemakers.

Thank you for your submissions.



Why Should You Submit?

It is important for women to feel empowered

and confident in themselves, especially in

today’s rapidly changing society. As young women, we often get lambasted for being strong and independent. Often, our confidence is mistaken for self-centeredness or our leadership is criticized for being too forward. Your artwork will inspire young women to bring out their individuality, and continue being risk-takers, innovators, and leaders, so we can ultimately revolutionize the world. We think there is no better way to depict feminism than through artwork, and submitting to the Femm Mag is a wonderful opportunity to show your support to the women in our community. 

Submission GUidlines

We welcome teen creators aged 13-19 years old to submit

to the Femm Mag. The submission limit is 5 pieces. You

can submit any form of artwork as long as it pertains to

the theme of feminism. Due to the high volume of submissions, we are selective with the pieces we publish.

We offer publication in our magazine based on a piece’s skill, creativity, and relation to the theme. We will let you know if your work has been selected to be published in

the Femm Mag around one to two weeks after submissions

close (August 31st). 

We are looking for work in the following mediums:

  • Visual arts - traditional 

  • Visual arts - digital

  • Visual arts - other

  • Poetry, Prose, or Short stories

  • Photography

  • Sculpture/Ceramics

Who run the world? Girls.

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