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Glimmer of Hope Project

Do you want to make a difference in the community? Help support the vulnerable senior population by either submitting artwork which we will then turn into cards and deliver, or donating to our GoFundMe, where funds we recieve will go into purchasing care packages to aid the elderly and show them we care. 


With almost 45% of covid deaths occurring in nursing homes, isolation, loneliness, and fear is paramount in the almost 2.1 million people living in these facilities. The senior population is extremely vulnerable, both to the virus, and the mental health challenges and trauma that come from not being able to see their loved ones. Because of the anxiety and sadness that the elderly face right now, it is imperative for them to feel a level of connection to the outside world. 

The Glimmer of Hope project aims to do just this by collecting youth-created artwork, and turning submissions into cards to deliver to senior centers across the US. If you are unable to submit artwork or want to support this cause further, you can donate to our GoFundMe in order to support these vulnerable populations. Our mission is to spark a sense of hope and togetherness amongst nursing home residents through the use of art by letting them know that someone is out there thinking about them. Both sides of this exchange can benefit - artists can receive volunteer hours and the receiving end can enjoy beautiful art made by the thoughtful youth art community! If you need someone to sign off volunteer hour forms, email with the number of hours you require for our founder to sign. 

Why donate

Especially during unprecedented times like these, it is best to stay hopeful for the future. Seniors residing in nursing homes deserve a sense of tranquility. That’s why all of your donations will go towards putting together care packages that contain basic necessities curated for nursing home needs and residential care.

In order to donate, visit our GoFundMe. We will be purchasing N-95 masks, toiletries, cough drops, tissues, and more, all items which will go into the care packages we make for senior centers. 

What to submit

You can submit artwork of any medium, as long as it can be scanned/photographed, and uploaded. Feel free to submit paintings, drawings, photographs, clay work (pictures), poetry, digital art, etc. You may also submit videos of music/singing, which we can then send to our target facilities. Art submissions are due on July 25th.


Seniors enjoy heartfelt and colorful messages, so you can use this as a basis to create/submit artwork.

Feel free to direct any questions to

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