Glimmer of Hope Project

With almost 45% of Covid19 deaths occurring in nursing homes, isolation, loneliness, and fear is paramount in the almost 2.1 million people living in these facilities. The senior population is extremely vulnerable, both to the virus, and the mental health challenges that come from not being able to see their loved ones. We wanted to help uplift seniors in our community and help protect them during these uncertain times. This is why we fundraised to buy PPE and nursing home essentials and designed handmade cards to bring a smile to seniors' faces. 

Our Deliveries

Troy, Michigan:

American House

128 residents

Items delivered:

120 cards

100 masks

100 food items

1,000 ct. craft supplies

24 ct. Chapstick

12 tissue boxes

Anthology of Troy

75 residents

Items delivered:

90 cards

50 masks

50 food items

24 ct. play-doh

10 puzzle books

576 crayons

Brookdale Living Center: 30 cards delivered

Redmond, Washington:

Peters Creek Retirement Center

70 residents

Items delivered:

70 cards

50 masks

20 puzzle books

16 coloring books

Aegis Living

45 residents

Items delivered:

45 cards

20 puzzle books

2,000 ct. craft kits

Redmond Heights

50 residents

Items delivered:

50 cards

50 N95 masks

100 ct. gloves

28 books

1,000 ct. craft kit

Dublin, California:

The Parkview

85 residents

Items delivered:

85 cards

100 N-95 masks

100 food items

Frisco, Texas:

Victoria Gardens of Frisco

65 residents

Items delivered:

60 cards

50 colorful cloth masks

2 upcoming deliveries: stay tuned!

Glimmer of Hope: In Numbers

Raised in two weeks



Residents supported


Facilities Supported




Cards Delivered


Masks Delivered


Food Items Delivered


Books Delivered

And a final thank you to everyone!

We could not do this without your help! Thank you for your donations and artistic contributions.

Special thank you to:


Teen Revolution Network

PinCurl Girls

Capati Creations

For your support.

Special thank you to:

Shifa Mohammad

Trisha Beher

Aaminah Anjum

Sriya Putta

For delivering care packages.