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Mental Health Awareness Gallery

Dark Wood Panels

Caitlin was inspired to start making art to primarily express her advocacy and passion for mental health. During the pandemic, digital art became a therapeutic activity for her, since it helped her maintain her own mental wellbeing. She ultimately wanted to share her creations on Instagram in hopes that they will be a source of comfort to those struggling with their mental health. She was also determined to use her art as a creative expression for her mental health advocacy and to make a small positive contribution to the world of social media. Most of her pieces are centered around her own personal experiences, or topics related to mental health that she feels deeply about. But ultimately, her goal is for viewers to connect with the art in their own way, and to find some kind of comfort and support that will promote personal healing and growth.

 Caitlin Lim is a self-taught artist and full-time nursing student. She currently works as a contributing artist for a mental health support account on Instagram called @selfcare.hugs while running her own mental health-inspired art/informative account called @c8screations. When she is not making art, she works as a nursing assistant at a pediatric hospital. She strives to become a registered nurse in the near future, and hopes to ultimately become a psychiatric & mental health nurse practitioner in pediatrics! 

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Location: California, USA

Instagram Username:  @c8screations

Don't Settle for Temporary Fixes
All About Perspective

Madhurima Chand is an eighteen year old girl from India. She is a surrealist and an experimental artist. She's also a non-formal volunteer for mental health awareness. Her advocacy focuses on gender equality and justice for all people through poetry and art.


Madhurima Chand is a random artist on the Internet. She is known by the name McAurora or McCreata. It's so incredible to experience an artist's presence in their writing, picture, and voice which in its own way transcends the artist. In about a year, she has arrived as someone whose life became a summary of what she has created. It would probably be difficult to write or recommend for McAurora because her work experience is enough to convince oneself about the great skills and ability she possesses which continues to develop.


Pronouns: she/her/hers

Location: India

Instagram Username: @mccreata

Black Orchid
The Book
Circuited Life
Pool of Tears

BeauBottletops by Jessie Astill

Jessie started BeauBottletops in 2015 when she craved a creative outlet alongside working full time. Creating pieces full of hope and optimism enabled her to maintain her profession in the social care field. Throughout her studies for a Bachelor of Science in Psychology she has remained attached to the art world and exploration of techniques for therapeutic release. Incorporating freedom, self-discovery and a love of life and its intricacy, her pieces are bursts of energy with the observer seeing what they wish. She has a passion for recycling and reusing items that may ultimately be discarded, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Inspiration comes in many forms, from snooping round local antique and charity shops, to traveling the world and observing other techniques and ideas. Travelling allows Jessie to endeavour to capture the places she visits in a piece, or if she's feeling ambitious within one BeauBottletop.

No two BeauBottletop pieces will be the same, each is handcrafted with patience and devotion, it is a privilege to be able to share them.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Location: Brighton, UK
Instagram Username: @beaubottletops

Growth by Deeksha Kaushik


Deeksha saw a viral reel made by artist Derya (Instagram Username: @deryatavas). This artist made an art piece with a young girl with lines all over her face showing how she is struggling with mental health and personal issues, and a note on the side reading  I'm okay. Deeksha tried to capture this artist's story. After a few years, the same artist, though at a matured level after having resolved all personal issues, came back to Instagram with a new perspective. The art piece with the young girl was now  a strong mature women with untangled lines and a caption reading You'll be too. Everyone needs their own time to heal️!


Deeksha Kaushik currently pursuing the designing field . She love animals, music, movies, musicals and obviously art. She also strongly stands for mental health awareness and tries her best to spread it in the world around her.


Pronouns: she/her/hers

Instagram Username: @_deekshakaushik_

Rest by Kayla Coyle


Resting is so important for your mental health! It can greatly change your mood for that day. you deserve rest no matter what your brain tells you 🤍

Kayla is an artist who is always experimenting with art! There's no one way to do art and there is always more to learn! In her art you’ll find worth, value, acceptance, support and love.

Pronouns: she/her

Location: Orlando, Florida

IG username: @kaylassadart

Masking by Elizabeth Santos


Elizabeth is a future forensic psychologist and enjoys art, the instagram platform used is to promote healthy habits & podcast about topics needing more attention such as mental health. 

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Location: Texas, USA

IG Username: @ursliceoflife


Once Upon A Time in Therapy by Liana/Lenya

Liana was diagnosed with clinical depression last autumn and sometimes during therapy sessions she would come up with comics or art ideas about her mental health. Most of the time she wouldn't  follow through with them and definitely didn't share them but it’s an outlet for her. It helped her understand that whatever she felt for the last 5 or so years was a real condition and not just something she “made up”. So this comic is about a frequently occurring situation because she cannot explain her feelings😬

Instagram Username: @bunteliane

therapy art (1).jpeg
Dark Wood Panels

What is life but a haunting? A spiral? A trauma? The body witnesses something terrible and reenacts it every night, again and again, trying to understand why.


 Zin is Southeast Asian, queer, and an aspiring doctor. When they're not busy examining media and literature through a queer racialized lens, they can be found listening to music, purging their emotions into a word document and doing tarot readings. Knowing the significance of representation, they hope to go on to be the voice of many through their work. 


Pronouns: they/them

Location: Sarawak, Malaysia

Instagram Username: @reverseracism

Water Drops
Whirls Digest You Again

By Zin Lee

Natalie works in IT, but her passion is drawing, photography and writing. There are multiple mental challenges that she has gone through and still keeps fighting with. When she's in peace with herself, when she has an insight into how to support herself and how to treat herself with compassion, she cannot help sharing it with others via her comics. Natalie's dream is to help others who are fighting with similar demons and make mental health pains more visible and acceptable in society.


Pronouns: she/her/hers


Location: Amsterdam

Instagram Username: @natalirrrr

Half Painted Wall

By Natalie Rozvezeva

We must fight reality with dreams. We need to breath life. Let's water our inner self with kindness and watch us get blossom.


Elena Karanikolou is a self-taught artist from Greece who fights reality with dreams and anxiety with drawing. She works on many media, though frequently utilizes mixed media paper and digital drawing tools.

Pronouns: N/A

Location: Greece
Instagram: @missy_merida

Blossom Within
Almost Happy

Amaranthia Sepia is an Art Coordinator, Comic Artist, Character Designer, and Mental Health Advocate of African American and Caribbean (Bajan) descent. At age eight, shortly after returning from Tokyo, she declared her goal of becoming a comic artist. Sepia's fascination with comics led to "Emo Bunny," a project based on her experience with GAD and PTSD.

Previously, Sepia was an Art Coordinator, Curator/Black Guest Curator Organizer, and Graphic Designer with Massachusetts activist collective ARTivism Initiative. Sepia turned ARTivism Initiative into a collective of local artists featured in ARTivism x ATAC Downtown Arts+Music Gallery's 2020 "Postcard Project," which she was a part of. Previously, Amber Haney, Massachusetts Art Activist, led ARTivism as a solo project. She developed a BLM art show titled "This is a Movement, not a Moment," featured virtually by ARTivism and physically by BCAWorcester. Sepia was featured as an artist and collaborator in LA mental health non-profit The Painted Brain's disability art show, "Discovering a Place for Us” on June 26th 2021. She's currently developing her women/femme's virtual art show titled "Art & Mind: Reflections of Women, Femmes and Our Mental Health During COVID" for September 2021.


Pronouns: she/her/hers


Location: New Hampshire, USA

Instagram Username: @emobunnycomic

Practicing Self-Love
Conflicted: Then vs. Now
Curls and Curves
Our Acknowledgements
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