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Artist Feature - Natalie Cohen

Hello artists and art enthusiasts! Welcome back to yet another artist feature. This week, we are featuring Natalie Cohen. She is an eighteen year old artist from the United States. Her art spreads awareness about environmental issues and mental health, and she wants make a living out of her art one day. She is currently working on getting her Bachelor's degree in creative and professional writing. Here's our interview with Natalie.

1. How did you first get into music, art, and spoken word?

I've been creating art all my life, long before I even knew what being an "artist" meant. For me, art began as a fun way to keep myself engaged with an art project for school, but gradually transformed first into a hobby that I treated myself to after a long day of schoolwork and then into a passion that I was able to channel my ever-evolving thoughts and emotions into. 2. Who or what are your biggest inspirations that motivate you to create art or write music?

My main inspirations are my environment: both the people and the things that I surround myself with. I love nature, so I try to capture its lively essence as best as I can in my work. My adoration for nature's vivacity is rooted in my love for color, hence why I try to fill my bedroom walls with any colorful item - no matter how small - that piques my interest. My fascination with color is also what has led me to admire artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and Frida Kahlo, whose works - in addition to the works of modern-day artists such as Matthew Sorgie, Myriam Tillson and Karen Cheok - drive me to create work that is as colorful and passion-filled as theirs. 3. How do you plan on using your art and music to spread awareness or make a difference in the world?

My work mainly tackles themes of environmental justice and mental health awareness, as these are two causes that impact me the most and are the most near and dear to my heart. By sharing my work online, I hope to not only inspire others to use their art to amplify their own voices in the pursuit of change, but also to channel their emotions in a creative and constructive manner in order to prevent any dark thoughts from overcoming them. 4. What is your favorite piece of art that you have created so far?

I have many favorites among my body of work, but one of the pieces that I will always treasure is my mixed-media painting titled "Connected." Through its messy brushstrokes and bold colors, I wrestle with and communicate my complicated emotions towards the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, while also commenting on the various ways in which the pandemic has severed old ways of connection, and created new ones. 5. What are your current or future goals with your art, music, and spoken word?

Currently, some of my goals are to expand my following, so that I can share my work with a wider audience and, eventually, make a living off of my art. Right now, I have an Etsy shop open where I sell handmade wooden plaques, earrings and art prints but, soon, I hope to start a duel art- and book-themed YouTube channel where I can feature my art in a video format and share my journey as a self-taught artist while also talking about books and writing, two other passions of mine that I hope to interweave with my art. 6. If you had the opportunity to spend a day with your favorite artist or musician, who would it be and why?

I would love to get to spend the day with Matthew Sorgie as I want to learn more about his work ethic and motivation as a young, self-taught freelance artist as well as get to observe his bold, colorful and imaginative style up close as he paints. 7. Do you have any advice or tips for people who are interested in art?

If you're interested in art, my only advice would be to start creating! Whether it's painting, drawing, sculpting or writing, your ideas will never come into fruition unless you make them!

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