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STEAMivism is a 3-day STEAM and activism conference hosted by the Art Shine Foundation. Any high school and undergraduate students can register for this FREE and VIRTUAL event! Engage in immersive workshops, various inspiring seminars, and compete to win prizes. Speakers and panelists include distinguished artists, professionals, and activists from renowned organizations and companies.

Hear From

Company CEOs

College Advisors


Influential Activists

$1,700+ in prizes!

Free event

All high school + college students welcome


AUGUST 7th | Block 1

8AM - 8:30AM PST Intro to Conference

8:35AM - 9:35AM PST Keynote Speaker


Anna Dumitriu

BioArtist | 2018 Prez of Arts & Science Dept. @ British Science Association

Anna Dumitriu is an award winning internationally renowned British artist who works with BioArt, sculpture, installation, and digital media to explore our relationship to infectious diseases, synthetic biology and robotics. Her work has been featured in many significant publications including Frieze, Artforum International Magazine, Leonardo Journal, The Art Newspaper, Nature and The Lancet. 

9:40AM - 10:25AM PST Environmental Activist Panel


Maggie Walsh

Youth Activist 

Maggie Walsh (she/her) is a 22 year old gender equality advocate, theatre artist, and college student. She is passionate about the use of art to create social change and currently serves as the Deputy Executive Director and Director of Global Outreach at DREAM EQUAL, Inc. 

hannah alper.jpg

Hannah Alper

Youth Activist 

At the age of nine, Hannah launched her blog, Call Me Hannah, to share her growing concern for environmental issues and show that small, everyday actions can lead to big change. Now 17 years old, she has emerged as an impassioned public speaker and author using her voice to motivate and empower people of all ages to identify their passion and take action for a better world. Through her blog, social media platforms and motivational speaking, Hannah supports organizations, causes, events and brands that, like her, are putting good into people, communities and the world. 

iris zhan.jpg

Iris Zhan

Youth Activist 

Iris Zhan (they/them) is a 17 year old Chinese American climate activist from Columbia, MD. They co-founded Fridays For Future Digital (FFF Digital), an international youth-led digital movement helping local groups run digital campaigns to improve accessibility and impact in the climate movement, and founded Sunrise Movement Howard County, the first youth-led climate group in Howard County Maryland. Over the years they have worked with many other local, national, and international movements.


Liza Sockwell

Youth Activist 

Elizabeth Sockwell is from Newton. MA and has been a climate activist since high school. She is the founder and leader of the 4c tree project and is currently working at the nonprofit Green Newton.

10:30AM - 11AM PST : Environmentalism Workshop

Daina Leitold from Green Kids, an environmental activism and and theater company, will host an interactive workshop about climate activism, how we can use art to protest, and how to start your own environmental initiative.

green kids logo.png

Green Kids

Eco - Activist Organization

AUGUST 7th | Block 2

1PM - 1:15PM PST Intro to Conference Part 2

1:20PM - 2:20PM PST Art/science Seminar

alisa singer pic.jpg

2:25 PM - 4PM PST UX Design Workshop

akshay murthy.JPG

Akshay Murthy

Digital Designer

Akshay is a rising sophomore at Purdue University studying Engineering Management with a minor in Design. He is passionate about UX design and marketing and is currently the Co-Founder & CMO at Pondr, a product analytics startup helping companies build better products through utilizing their customer feedback. His startup is currently working with Microsoft to deliver its solution to businesses around the world. Akshay started his design journey back in high school, where he became an avid graphic designer who combined his love for sports and art, amassing close to 10k followers on his Instagram, @akmstudios, and working with top athletes in the NBA, NFL, and FIBA. With a background in graphic design, Akshay wanted to further explore the intersection of technology and design and fell in love with UX design and its user-centered approach. He is now working full-time with his startup team and designing Pondr's analytics platform! Outside of work, Akshay enjoys playing basketball, photography, spending time with friends, and hiking. 

Alisa Singer

Professional Artist | Well-known figure

Alisa Singer is a self-taught artist from the Chicago area. Her Environmental Graphiti collection has been extensively exhibited, both in the US and internationally at universities, galleries, conferences and other venues. The art is held by over 30 universities (some of whom have large collections), a major science museum in Toronto, and dozens of private homes. She has also created several other series including Hatred and Heroism. Oppression and Resistance. and Then and Now and Day by Day - An Artistic Journey through a Season of Chemotherapy.

AUGUST 8th | Block 1

8AM - 8:15AM PST Intro to Conference Part 1

8:20AM - 9:20AM PST Music Production Seminar

chris profile pic.jpg

Chris Erhardt

Co - founder & CEO of Tunedly | Music Engineer

Tune in for this music production workshop by Founder of Tunedly, Chris Ernhardt!

9:25 AM - 10:25AM PST Photography Seminar

michael profile pic.JPG

Michael Betzner

Photographers | Distinguished Professionals

Michael is a 25 year old conceptual portrait photographer based out of Raleigh NC. They mostly work on group photoshoots and push their limits every shoot with new lighting, locations, concepts, or posing. Their main focus is to help show their clients that they’re beautiful the way they are and to help them along on their journey of self acceptance.

10:20AM - 11AM PST Photography Contest

AUGUST 8th | Block 2

1PM - 1:15PM PST Intro to Conference Part 2

1:20PM - 2:20PM College App Webinar

bethany gee.jpg

Bethany Gee

College Advisor | Distinguished Professional

Bethany Goldszer, M.S.Ed. is a college admissions consultant. She helps students get into their top choice colleges and their parents navigate the paying for college process. Bethany worked as an NYC public high school teacher but left the role in 2008 to help build one of the largest youth-serving nonprofits in the City. In 2012, Bethany founded Stand Out College Prep to ensure that students had the help they need to navigate the complex and confusing world of college admissions. Bethany has been a featured on ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America, HuffPost, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Newsday, and Long Island Herald. She has a BA in History from the University of Chicago, an MS in Education from Pace University, and an MS in Nonprofit Management from The New School.

2:25PM - 3:15PM PST: Speed Friending!

3:20PM - 4PM PST College App Webinar

donna profile pic.jpg

Dr. Donna Risolo

College & Beyond Advisor | Company CEO | Distinguished Professional

Dr. Donna Risolo is the CEO and Director of CPT Enterprises, producers of digital and offline educational content, including College Prep Tutors. In the past 15 years Dr. Donna has helped hundreds of students get into their first choice college with substantial scholarship awards with her 4-step method called “I Got In!” 

AUGUST 9th | Block 1, Career Talks

8AM - 8:15AM PST Intro to Conference Part 1

8:20AM - 9:50AM PST Nonprofit Panel


Karina Kejriwal

The Cura Project Panelist | Youth Activist

Karina Kejriwal is one of Cura’s co - founders! She primarily focuses on the social media, fundraising, outreach, and design departments. In her free time, she enjoys Karate, dancing, and spending time outside! 


Divya Singh

The Cura Project Panelist | Youth Activist

Divya Singh is one of the co-founders of Cura Project and a rising junior! With a passion for medicine, she plays a role in Cura by managing the blog, podcast, and the marketing sectors. She likes to keep in touch with her creativity and drive through means of art, music, and writing.


Bhavya Nandikanti

The Cura Project Panelist | Youth Activist

Bhavya Nandikanti is a rising junior in Seattle and one of Cura’s Co - Founders! She focuses on Cura’s camp department and the organization’s website. In her free time, she enjoys dancing!


Monique Vo

The Cura Project Panelist | Youth Activist

Monique Vo, Cura Project’s Director of Design, is a rising senior in B.C.’s Lower Mainland. Through digital media, she works alongside talented individuals to create and bring life to Cura’s mission. Monique has great passion towards the field of medicine, the arts, and the topic of sports.


Sravan Kundurthi

The Cura Project Panelist | Youth Activist

Sravan Kundurthi is a rising junior in the Seattle area and one of the co-founders of Cura Project! He loves working with others to achieve a common goal, and manages the finance, legal, and research branches of Cura. He loves problem solving, coding, and volunteering to help his local community.

9:55AM - 10:55AM PST UX Design Workshop

rachel profile pic.jfif

Rachel Weissman

UX/UI Designer | Distinguished Professional

Rachel Weissman, the founder and CEO of Design to Be, and a UX/UI designer, will be presenting a talk: “What is emotional intelligence? And, why is it beneficial for designers to develop?” The talk will include career insights and tips to being a successful UX/UI designer through the lens of growing one's emotional intelligence. 

AUGUST 9th | Block 2

12PM - 1:15PM PST Music Production Event

ay young.png

Ay Young

Internationally known music producer

AY is a producer, singer, songwriter, entertainer, and entrepreneur. He powers his concerts ("The Battery Tour") using renewable energy. He performed at President Biden’s inauguration and was recently named a UN Youth Leader for SDGs. AY is currently working on a Global Goals album, labeled "Project 17" in collaboration with the biggest artists from around the world to create one song for each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Tyquan Gholson

Internationally known music producer

“TYTHESOUNDGOD” is an audio engineer/producer with 15 years of experience doing music. He has worked with a plethora of globally well-known artists such as Travis Scott, DJ Khaled, ASAP Rocky, Meghan Trainor, and more. For the last 10 years he has been working up the ranks as a recording and mixing engineer in the music business. In 2009 he left his hometown in poughkeepsie, NY to pursue a career in the music industry. Determined to not take no for an answer; he walked door to door to all the major studios in Manhattan until he finally landed at the legendary Quad Studios. He spent the early part of his career at Quad as a staff engineer.

1:20PM - 2:20PM PST Youth Activists Panel

Jalen Patel - Photo at SCDC 1.jpg

Jalen Patel

Gen Z Speaker & Activist | Org CEO

Jalen Patel is a 16-year-old entrepreneur, aspiring data scientist/tech business owner, and high school senior. He’s passionate about Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Business, and the intersections between these fields. He’s currently the Founder & CEO of Fly High, Co-Founder & CEO of Bits&Bytes, Vice President Finance of Sabin-Schellenberg DECA, and Vice President Technology of his school’s ASB Executive Council, while taking rigorous classes.


Rida Ahmed

Gen Z Speaker & Activist | Aspirations in STEAM 

Rida Yumn Ahmed is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) and International Relations passionate student, speaker, global citizen, and growth hacker passionate about UN Sustainable Development Goals. She has experience as GenZ Brand Influencer and Strategist for startups,global team player and lead for STEM and startup ideation projects for ventures.

Kimble, Nick  10195 Rtuk.jpg

Nick Kimble

Gen Z Speaker & Activist | Aspirations in STEAM 

Nick Kimble motivates and rallies others to make a positive, peaceful, and purposeful change in our society. Nick is an inspiring human rights lawyer educating members of the Edison Civic Change Collective on the rich history of movements and activism behind issues like voting rights, education inequality, gender inequity, and police brutality. He is creating legislative changes to prompt civic education access for students in NJ with legislative bills S854 and S237.

naomi porter.jpeg

Naomi Porter

Youth Entrepreneur and Activist 

Naomi Porter is a 16-year-old serial entrepreneur, education reform advocate and public speaker from Los Angeles, California. She is the C.E.O. of two businesses: Spice it Up and Bright Futures.
Naomi founded EntrepreYOUership in 2019 to provide free entrepreneurial education to youth. Her organization has served over 2000 youth through 45+ workshops that equip youth with an entrepreneurial mindset. She manages a team of over 70 youth from 24 countries. Most recently, her advocacy and entrepreneurial work has been featured in Forbes, Voyage LA Mag, and Wharton Business.

2:25PM - 3:25PM PST Closing Keynote

shwetha profile pic good qual.jpg

Shwetha Maddur

Founder and CEO, Idealyst

Shwetha Maddur is the founder of Idealyst, a company dedicated to improving health through innovation. Join us to hear about Maddur’s entrepreneurial journey, technological innovations, and advice!

3:30PM - 4:00PM PST Raffle: Win up to $1,700 in prizes!


Provided to ALL attendees!

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