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STEAMivism - A Conference to Remember.

STEAMivism (August 7th-9th): a one-of-a-kind, completely youth-run, 3-day conference with internationally renowned speakers consisting of Music Producers, Photographers, UX Designers, Activists, Bio Artists, Tech CEOs, and more. Our aim was to provide holistic, interactive STEAM education in a unique way to disadvantaged students and students with limited resources. We positively impacted 1,000 people globally through our diverse array of seminars and workshops.

Through STEAMivism, we are hoping to change the face of STEM education for students going forward, and push for accessible, interactive, and diverse education for all.

  • Changing the face of STEM education for students

  • Providing students with resources regardless of their financial status

  • Promoting representation among educators so students can also feel recognized

  • Expose students to unique careers and ways in which STEM and art can intersect

Our Goals

STEAMivism Stats

  • 15 sessions

  •  diverse group 25 of speakers, half of which were POC (people of color)​

  • 200 session attendees, 1,000 total people positively impacted/reached

  • $2,000 in prizes 

  • Free for high school + college students, supported disadvantaged student

  • International conferences with attendees from 40 countries, 35 states

  • Prizes like gift cards, wireless earbuds, free SAT prep, painting sets, keyboards, headphones, free Clip Studio Paint subscription, free tech upgrades

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Art, Activism

  • 12 company sponsors: Blick Art materials, Glimpse, Paintillio, Magoosh, Grado, Clip Studio Paint, HyperX, Taskade, Qoom, Unofficial Clothing Co, EchoAR, College Prep Tutors

Speaker Lineup

Anna Dumitriu

  • Bio Artist featured in BBC News, TED, Nature, Art Forum International Magazine

  • projects like her “Shielding” where sculptures were impregnated with actual SARS-CoV-2 RNA (coronavirus) and the “Plague Dress” infused with 17th-century bacteria have been featured in the Rijksmuseum Guangdong Museum of Art, Philadelphia Science Center, Picasso Museum, and hundreds of galleries across the world

Hannah Alper

  • environmental activist started a blog when she was 9 

  • is now known as  “The Greta Thunberg of Canada”, given over 400 speeches, and worked with major non-profits such as the World Wildlife Fund

  •  became the only teen in “Ones to Watch in 2018” by Bloomberg Businessweek and appeared on a TV program

Alisa Singer

  • artist who started a series called Environmental Graphiti using graphs and charts to make art

  •  her artwork was included in the United Nations Report, Global Warming of 1.5c, and she has exhibitions at the University of Irvine-California, University of Chicago, and many more 

  • environmental grafiti was featured in the Ontario Science Centre

Bethany Gee

  • award-winning college coach featured in ABC News, Good Morning America, HuffPost, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal​

Rachel Weissman

  • founder and CEO of Design to be, a meditation and yoga teacher, and has worked as a design lead for Google and Salesforce. She also offers coaching programs about EQ and UX design.

AY Young

  • music producer and the only UN Young Leader nominated from the US. He founded The Battery Tour which hosts concerts with renewable energy, and judges gave him 4 “YES”s in the X-Factor

Tyquan Gholson

  • music producer who has worked with artists including DJ Khaled, J Cole, Travis Scott, and Meghan Trainor

Daina Leitold

  • performed with 8 theater companies, accredited in 30 films

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