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Mental Health Awareness Gallery

Madhurima Chand is an eighteen year old girl from India. She is a surrealist and an experimental artist. She's also a non-formal volunteer for mental health awareness. Her advocacy focuses on gender equality and justice for all people through poetry and art.


Madhurima Chand is a random artist on the Internet. She is known by the name McAurora or McCreata. It's so incredible to experience an artist's presence in their writing, picture, and voice which in its own way transcends the artist. In about a year, she has arrived as someone whose life became a summary of what she has created. It would probably be difficult to write or recommend for McAurora because her work experience is enough to convince oneself about the great skills and ability she possesses which continues to develop.


Pronouns: she/her/hers

Location: India

Instagram Username: @mccreata